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Reachout brands that have been actively sponsoring Youtube videos and convert them to your long-term sponsors. Getting Youtube sponsorship has never been easier with our brand outreach service.


Make Your Money Back

Even one recuring sponsorship deal will make your money back.

Done For You

For busy Youtubers that have a million other different things to do.

$149 for 1-month service

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  • Run brand outreach on your behalf
  • Curated list of brands that are relevant to your channel
  • Customized email sequence to get highest reply rates
  • 0% commission rate
  • No exclusivity required
  • No automatic charges. Pay the invoice initiatively to get 1-month service


Where do you get your Youtube sponsorship leads?

We keeps monitoring Youtube to look for companies that have already been sponsoring Youtubers. Companies that have recently sponsored Youtube videos have already demonstrated a willingness to invest in this type of ads. This means that they are more likely to be open to new sponsorship opportunities.

Which niche do you support?

We specialize in niches that are relevant to travel and outdoor activities that include RV, global travel, overlanding, off-grid lifestyles, living abroad, photographer/filmmaker, outdoor adventures, etc.

If your channel doesn't fall into these niches, have a quick discover call with us before making any decision.

Why should I use GetYourSponsor?

1. The way we collect our brand leads guarantees that all brands we contact on your behalf are relevant and have the budget to pay.

2. We use customized email sequence to get highest reply rates.

3. We focus on quality over quantity. All data points are verified by hand to ensure validity.

Should I worry about competing with other Youtubers?

No. Our goal is to serve a small number of customers and keep them very happy. So we intentionally keeps our price high in order to throttle access. There are enough recurring leads for everyone of our customers.